Best educational software/games/site for kids

WARNING: Download games from trusted website only. I tried my best to see the links are valid and safe, but I dont guarantee anything for it. For buying any cd – check your local toysrus or see best deals online at craiglist,amazon ,ebay or local flea market or gamestop.

You could get your toddler started Рwith  any keyboard banging game.(keep extra keyboard handy). This allows them to get comfortable with computer.

Eventually you need to get games which teaches abcd like myabcd or goventure.

Its great to also buy toys which teaches reading by touch or using stylus Рlike leappad etc To learn how to write they may need toys like vtech-write .


My daughter learned phonics mainly from starfall site . (there is another

For games we tried Reader rabbit series(but for whatever reasons my daughter did not like it at all)

We finally went to jumpstart series – which are probably the best education games (across pc, wii, dsi). They are available from toddler all the way upto third grade and more.


Check barbara phipps learn to read phonics series or leapfrog series at your local library.

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Best Nintendo dsi games for kids

Best Nintendo Dsi games for kids
Nintendo dsi was initially available as DS lite. DS Lite
allowed the old gameboy(?) console games to be played.
Then with nintendo dsi they stopped supporting old gameboy format – and added camera and Internet connection.
They have now come up with DSI XL (bigger screen -but may
be inconvenient to carry). Next year(2011) – they may
come up with 3D version. Nintendo dsi is primarily aimed
for young kids (5 to 13) – but family can definitely
enjoy it when they play clubhouse games against each
other on another DSI.

The best games for nintendo dsi are brain age 2 and
club house games(some of the games are bundled free with
some dsi) .. Litle Girls may like games from little petshop
series. There are many educational games – best being My Word Coach, Maths personal trainer.
For adults they may like Professor layton and diabolical box.(however use the walkthrough/cheatsheets available on internet – to make full use of it)

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Best Wii games for kids

Best Wii games for kids(June 2010)

If you are trying to buy nintendo wii – then you should be aware that nintendo wii is coming with hd version next year. This will allow you to download HD movies from netflix. You can however download DVD quality movies with nextflix any time. Also XBOX is planning to have Avatar version – which will be more interactive then Wii.

Basic stuff : Nintendo wii comes bundled with wii remote(point to screen or move it)
and nunchuk(good for using the joystick to move ). Wii allows your wireless
remote to play games like tennis etc. Wii can also allow you to download
movies via netflix – and if you download nintendo channel – you can also use
it to download free trial games for dsi(as long as wii is on and transmitting
to your dsi)

Top Games in Wii are:

Wii Sports (usually bundled/free with wii) – This contain popular Tennis game – which is fun with 2 players – besides other games like bowling, golf etc

Wii Play with remote(MUST have) : This contain the addictive tank game(besides others like cow racing etc)

Wii Sports resort(make to sure buy only the 2 sensor version): This allows you to play the addictive plane game(not as great as tank in wii sports) -besides frisbee, bow and arrow etc. Some wii console may bundle this.

Wii Fit Plus: Dont expect great game or fitnesss. But for whatever reasons my daughter(6 year) seems to like it.(We found it to hard to use for exercise)

There is Mario Kart which is fun – but its not as good as the one that your kid may have seen at Chuck-E-Cheese(but new version games like sonic are better designed )

For kids (or girls around 5 to 6 years of age)- the first game to start would be Diego or Dora game(still they may require help). Eventually they may like games like Cosmic Family, Jumpstart (the jumpstart on wii is not as user friendly or educational as the ones on PC), disney princess. You may note that Wii is fun – but its not as easy to use for kids as compared to DSI(or even PC in some cases). Hence after sometime your kids may prefer PC games(like barbie, pbskids) instead of Wii games. But its great game for family fun – and also encouraging kids to slighly exercise while having fun(playing games!)

PS: Adults seem to like games like Zelda or Mario galaxy. Thanks to local library – we have played almost all the games that are availabe. Hence its good idea to get a preview from library/friends before buying games. You should check if the game is sold for lesser price by doing comparison at say ebay ,amazon etc.

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